2015 Scholarship Program Announced

The Accreditation Review Council on Education in Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (ARC/STSA) is pleased to announce the launch of the ARC/STSA 2015 Scholarship Program in service to the surgical technology and surgical assisting student and educator communities.

Annually since 2005, the ARC/STSA Board of Directors awards multiple scholarships of up to $1000 in multiple categories for a total of over $30,000 distributed. On our 40th anniversary in 2012, the scholarship fund was increased to $4000 total in annual scholarships for students and $1000 total in annual scholarships for educators. In 2014, the ARC/STSA awarded an additional total of $5000 in scholarships to 10 students and 1 educator. 2015 Scholarship Categories and Applications:

Application forms detailing eligibility requirements for each of the scholarship categories can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link above. All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply. Please contact us at 303-694-9262 if you have any questions. Applications must be filled out completely, include all required support materials and must be received at ARC/STSA offices on or before the deadline of February 27, 2015. Scholarship recipients will be announced at the ARC/STSA Workshops immediately preceding the 2015 AST National Conference in San Antonio TX and will be posted online under “What’s New” at www.arcstsa.org by July 3, 2015.

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