• Top 5 Items to Remember when Sending Your Annual Report

    We understand that sending in the annual report isn’t exactly the most fun task on your to-do list. And we can’t really make it more exciting, but we can help make it more comprehensive. Director of Education and Professional Affairs at ARC/STSA, Arthur A. Makin, BS, CST, FAST, put together a list of answers to often-heard questions related to the annual report. Check the reporting date range. When discussing program enrollment, the “anticipated completion date” refers to the date in the future when your current students would be graduating. Remember to use the directions as a reference tool as you work in the report online. Print them out while you are working and glance over whenever you need them. Use the quick start document, which contains multiple reference tools to help you complete your report. Remember to review the report before sending it, as it cannot be edited after you press submit. Continue Reading...
  • Program Director in the Spotlight: JoLane Collins

    The Program Director in the Spotlight Series will highlight a specific program director who is overcoming a tough challenge, making an impact on the industry, and generally going above and beyond the call of duty. This month, we are highlighting JoLane Collins, surgical technology program director at the Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL) in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina. In this article, JoLane details her arduous and winding journey to surgical technology and the lessons she’s learned along the way: Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something and everything happens for a reason. Let me take you on a little trip down memory lane. In the early 1980s, I attended Washington State University, and during my first week on campus, found myself going through sorority rush. A gal asked me what I was going to major in and my response was, “I really want to be an orthopedic surgeon.” Her response, “Are you crazy, that’s 14-18 more years of school.” At that moment, I allowed another individual to alter my life course, and I went into education and athletic training. I graduated from Washington State University with a BA in education and obtained my Athletic Training Certification. Moving forward to the late 1980s, I received an MA in education, with minors in athletic training and health education. After completing my master’s degree, a high school in Greeley, Colorado, hired me as a teacher, and I also served as the athletic trainer with a full teaching load. It’s hard to explain what three years of teaching high school students can do to your psyche, but I also gained valuable insight into the world of teenagers. Fast forwarding again to 1990, this decade saw my move to Sidney, Nebraska, where I started working at a sports medicine clinic. During my tenure as ... Continue Reading...
  • Welcome to the New ARC/STSA E-newsletter

    ARC/STSA is excited to launch its redesigned e-newsletter, a comprehensive publication to keep you connected with your fellow program directors and informed about updates. Within these digital pages, you will find profiles about program directors around the country who are facing — and overcoming — some of the same obstacles you are, as well as case studies on successful programs, tips and tricks, and other relevant content presented in an easily digestible way. Consider the e-newsletter your modern day “Ask Jeeves,” as it helps you navigate your way to program excellence. vip-popki.net/en ARC/STSA wants to be your resource for all things accreditation, so please email marketing@arcstsa.org with ideas for poll questions, program directors to spotlight, problems you are facing, case studies, etc. Let your voice be heard and learn from others. Continue Reading...
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